Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I WANT. I already have a serviceable tweed blazer, but something about the muted blue and the dark trim hit me right where I live. And dare I say it...the short sleeves and cropped length might actually look better on a shorter woman!

True, $185 is a lot to pay for a blazer that is mostly polyester, and it doesn't come in petite sizing. Still, I would totally break my shopping resolutions (hey, it's not 2012 yet) for this pretty, but only size 10s are left at

There is also this pretty, classic cable sweater available in tried-and-true navy, grey, and ivory at I'm just not a fan of the gold logo buttons dotting an otherwise timeless sweater (they seem to be on just one shoulder, but the model's hair could be hiding them on the other shoulder). I mean, buttons on shoulders are cute and decorative and all, but it seems like you'd be just asking them to catch and pull at your hair all day. It wouldn't affect me as much because I usually have my hair tied back, but not all women are as boring as I am.

My co-worker tells me this line is by Tory Birch's ex-husband, incidentally.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shopping Resolutions Post!

Five Things I Will Try Not to Buy in 2012*:

1)      Grey skirts. I have about eleven grey skirts in different lengths and styles. Grey skirts are lovely and versatile and almost always appropriate, but I have so many that I can see my future self trying to fob them off on my grand-daughters.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Making do with Payless

These are the Martinez Valero Olive pumps. This look isn't really classic enough for my normal tastes, but something about this pair appeals to me.

These are the Fioni Nights/Payless knockoffs.

Yes, I know, side-by-side, it's sort of laughable how cheap the Payless ones look. The lace on the Oscars is more delicate, the shape of the vamp more elegant. The higher vamp and weird V-shape on the Payless ones look a little pitiful in comparison. Though I'd sworn off Payless, I'd lusted over the Oscars for some time and last week, I couldn't resist picking up this discount version just to play with the lace look. I don't think they're really "me", but they're surprisingly comfortable & well-balanced. For $24.99 + BOGO 1/2 off (picked up tights), they'll be fun to kick around in for a few nights.

That being said, today the Martinez Valero Oscars is $39.49 on ( Maybe I should have held out!

And THAT being said, the Payless ones are ridiculously comfortable and stable. Never a wobble. I don't know what it is Fioni Nights does to their high heels, but my friend Becky has five-inch platform heels that are unbelievably sturdy and effortless to walk in. I feel it is weird that I am even thinking this, but I kind of think Fioni Nights may have a thing or two to teach other, more expensive brands.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nanette Lepore Holiday Sample Sale - perhaps in too much detail

I rarely miss a Nanette Lepore sample sale. Nanette Lepore clothing is beautifully made with charming, interesting details, and though not cheap even at sample sale prices, is worth every penny. This one just ran for two days, and I stopped in after work on Tuesday. Am including a couple of items from the last sample sale, which was just a few weeks ago.

No photos of the actual samples, sadly, because the dressing room is a communal one, and taking pictures would have been rude. I did borrow this one below from as I couldn't find another picture of this coat online.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Five petite rules I ignore, and one I don't

1) Don't wear big sweaters or full skirts, which will overwhelm petite figures.
Though I do like the polished look of fitted sweaters and pencil skirts, I love the coziness of oversize sweaters and the dramatic look of flared skirts (if not together). Most of my dresses and skirts are A-line, and a couple of my favorites are full-on 50s-style circles. I admit that some of the more striking ones (a flame-orange Banana Republic skirt and a polka-dotted sundress come to mind) may look like they are wearing me, but I am happy to let them.

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