Monday, December 19, 2011

Making do with Payless

These are the Martinez Valero Olive pumps. This look isn't really classic enough for my normal tastes, but something about this pair appeals to me.

These are the Fioni Nights/Payless knockoffs.

Yes, I know, side-by-side, it's sort of laughable how cheap the Payless ones look. The lace on the Oscars is more delicate, the shape of the vamp more elegant. The higher vamp and weird V-shape on the Payless ones look a little pitiful in comparison. Though I'd sworn off Payless, I'd lusted over the Oscars for some time and last week, I couldn't resist picking up this discount version just to play with the lace look. I don't think they're really "me", but they're surprisingly comfortable & well-balanced. For $24.99 + BOGO 1/2 off (picked up tights), they'll be fun to kick around in for a few nights.

That being said, today the Martinez Valero Oscars is $39.49 on ( Maybe I should have held out!

And THAT being said, the Payless ones are ridiculously comfortable and stable. Never a wobble. I don't know what it is Fioni Nights does to their high heels, but my friend Becky has five-inch platform heels that are unbelievably sturdy and effortless to walk in. I feel it is weird that I am even thinking this, but I kind of think Fioni Nights may have a thing or two to teach other, more expensive brands.

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