Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shopping Resolutions Post!

Five Things I Will Try Not to Buy in 2012*:

1)      Grey skirts. I have about eleven grey skirts in different lengths and styles. Grey skirts are lovely and versatile and almost always appropriate, but I have so many that I can see my future self trying to fob them off on my grand-daughters.

2)  Open-toed booties, of which I have more than enough for my lifestyle, which runs 90% work these days.

3)      Pretty, patterned tights. They are so fun to shop for, no? I have half a dozen pairs. Sheer black ones with flowers or lace or subtle patterns, ones in fun colors like deep burgundy or turquoise, and a pair or two of fishnets. And they sit in my drawer until I’ve gone through absolutely every plain, black, opaque pair. Interesting tights are just too hard for me to work into my work outfits, no pun intended.

4)      Little black dresses, of which I have five. I might also add that I also have a surplus of colorful day dresses, so I should try to avoid those as well. Perhaps I'd better shun most dresses in general.

5)      Black shoes. 90% of my shoes are black. I so want to make one last exception for these Miz Mooz ones, though, even though I already have black boots with heels...but look at those buttons! Those cute, cute buttons, that provoke the smiles! But I have just enough honesty to admit to myself that those horizontal lines probably wouldn't play nicely with my short legs.

The More Fun List: Five Things I Will Look For in 2012!:

1)      Well-fitting suits—always an ongoing struggle. At minimum, I’d love a very simple black blazer (not even pinstriped) with a high neckline, that I can keep in the office to formalize business casual outfits at a moment’s notice. 

2)      Closed-toe flats, especially brown. I want to be better about switching heel heights regularly.

3)      A deeply jewel-toned dress that I can wear to evening/winter weddings. I'd prefer purple or blue, because the two evening dresses I do own are red and silver, respectively, and too flashy for weddings.

4)      A grey/taupe handbag, preferably a crossbody or with one shoulder strap.

5)      Silver or gold party shoes (strappy's nice, but not necessary) for when black ones aren’t right.

      Glancing over these lists, I think it can be generalized to: 1) trying to step away from my comfort zone, and work a few more neutrals besides black and grey into the picture; and 2) trying to have appropriate outfits for most occasions. But it's nice to see what I most want laid out like this!

*However, all bets are off when it comes to the seasonal Nanette Lepore sample sales.

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