Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I WANT. I already have a serviceable tweed blazer, but something about the muted blue and the dark trim hit me right where I live. And dare I say it...the short sleeves and cropped length might actually look better on a shorter woman!

True, $185 is a lot to pay for a blazer that is mostly polyester, and it doesn't come in petite sizing. Still, I would totally break my shopping resolutions (hey, it's not 2012 yet) for this pretty, but only size 10s are left at

There is also this pretty, classic cable sweater available in tried-and-true navy, grey, and ivory at I'm just not a fan of the gold logo buttons dotting an otherwise timeless sweater (they seem to be on just one shoulder, but the model's hair could be hiding them on the other shoulder). I mean, buttons on shoulders are cute and decorative and all, but it seems like you'd be just asking them to catch and pull at your hair all day. It wouldn't affect me as much because I usually have my hair tied back, but not all women are as boring as I am.

My co-worker tells me this line is by Tory Birch's ex-husband, incidentally.

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