Monday, January 2, 2012

Accessorizing/Styling Challenges (Part 1 of Many)

Accessorizing is definitely not one of my strong points. I love pretty necklaces, but don't like the feeling of bracelets and rings on my hands, and don't have pierced ears, so jewelry is a pretty limited field for me. I like the look of chic silk scarves and vibrant pashminas on other people, but have never learned to wear them gracefully myself. Plus, I'm fairly lazy, so swapping out handbags happens maybe twice a year.

So, my own accessorizing being fairly non-existent, I often notice other people's. And this particular image of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girls (which I only recently discovered, because I am up-to-date like that) has been branded in my brain:

I mean, ok, yes, many things make her look fabulous in that picture--her radiantly beautiful face, her wind-swept hair, her mile-long legs, that lovely cape-ish coat thing, whatever it may be called...but I have to give some credit to those fun, fun shoes! (Item: When I watched the episode on my sister's laptop, the shoes came across as chartreuse/lime green, and that looked equally amazing.)

(Except, I am not so sure about that bag. When I first saw it, I saw it as a one-eyed monster, and now I can't un-see it.)

So, in a quest to learn more about accessorizing and styling in general, I went full-on geek and decided to come up with a series of exercises. Hee. Here's the first of many!

1) What kind of shoes would you wear with a simple, classic black dress like this?

Note: The pictures link to the actual shoes; the text links go to the brand.

Understated, elegant black pumps--the spotlight should be on you, not accessories!

Classic but vibrant red pumps for a pop of color!

Bejeweled sandals for a bit of interest and sparkle!

"Nude" (nude for you--this beige-ish pair just shown as a visual) pumps to elongate legs!

Metallics in a bold shape to give some edge to the look!

Or something in an unusual color and shape, guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd!

Or is there another option I've missed?

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