Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Buyer's Remorse I Have Known, Or Solving My Shopping Problems

Buying something too soon, and then it goes on deeper sale, or better colors or other options become available.

I am very fond of these. Peep-toe booties are a style I've only recently come to appreciate, and when I fell, I fell hard. So though I already had two pairs, I succumbed to temptation and bought them off ideeli (invite link), telling myself that Carlos Santana shoes support a worthy cause through the Milagro Foundation.

Now, I don't regret the actual SHOES so much, because they really are surprisingly comfortable and fun-looking shoes. What I regret is buying them quickly off of ideeli after only a cursory search to see if they were available elsewhere. If I had waited, I could have gotten them elsewhere in a color that wasn't black, which would have at least added some more variety to my shoe collection, which is largely Black and somewhat Brown. (Seriously, almost all my shoes are black or brown. I have, like, one pair of beige pumps, and a couple of pairs of light sandals. That is why I don't proudly display a Wall of Shoes as Art, because it would be very dark and dull-looking. And also, I have not the space. But mainly because of the dark and the dull.)

They come in grey, which are a little robotic in vibe, though I bet the right woman could rock them:

But look how cool they are in penny/copper:

Right? Right?

Solution: I hate to say it, but possibly, unsubscribe from ideeli. Or, at least, ban myself from black shoes.

Buying something that actually doesn't fit all that well, and hanging onto it because it's not all THAT bad.

Oh, the stories I have about this. The Mystery of the Jeans comes to mind. And this blazer. I adore the high neckline and overall style, but it didn't come in petite or even numerical sizing. And yet when Final Sale time rolled around, I bought the Small and hoped for the best. It actually doesn't look as bad as you might think, but it sure doesn't look good enough to justify $90, either.

Solution: Resist the siren call of "it fits well enough". I should have some damn standards, self.

Buying something just because it has a pretty print.

But I'm mostly over that now! Mostly.

Buying something to match something else, usually a closet orphan (term coined by Already Pretty), and then it doesn't.
I bought a pretty spring coat-dress (you have to see it to get what I mean) from P. Luca for Barami. It's too short for boring me to wear as a dress, so I thought I would wear it as a spring coat. Unfortunately, the gorgeous light greyish-lavenderish-blueish linen and lapel-less design goes with nothing. Or, at least, nothing I own.

I later found a skirt at a different Barami that I THOUGHT would match it, but alas, it's too short and the colors are subtly but distinctly different. So now I have two closet orphans that want nothing to do with each other. Because the skirt color is impossible to pair, too.

Buying something online, and thanking goodness they accept returns.

Plus Dresses at ModCloth

I often have this problem with Modcloth, which I've been wary with ever since the About the Author dress came to my door. (The less said about that dress, the better.) I thought I was safe with this much-loved and much-reviewed Soda Fountain dress, which looks so darling in photos, and like it is made of paper in person.
...OK, to be fair, the paper-thin cotton is not unwelcome on hot days.

Non-Buyer's Remorse
At an outlet mall, I tried on a lone Ann Taylor blazer in 0P that fit snugly at the shoulders and the waist and every other place a blazer ought to fit. The cropped length and sleeves worked with my frame, and the overall shape was lovely and classic. The material was a beautiful black boucle with hints of sparkling silver thread.

However, smarting from what I had recently spent at the latest Nanette Lepore sale, I decided that $80 was too much to spend, and left it behind.

And now that it is forever lost to me and sadly haunting my suiting dreams as a lovely, lofty, unattainable idee fixe, do you think I can find it or anything like it, on ebay or anywhere else?

THAT is non-buyer's remorse.

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