Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Inexplicable desires: A dress that would look dreadful on me.

$44.50 at Delia's
The Very Good Reasons I Will Not Buy This Dress:
1) Self, have you SEEN it? It's pink + lace + pleats. When did you go back in time and re-turn eight?
2) Those narrow pleats, on me, are the LEAST FLATTERING pleats imaginable. They would hate my hips. My hips would hate them.
3) I already own a pink dress, and how many pink dresses does one woman need?
4) It's one of those nebulous dresses that I couldn't wear for any occasion. (Unless someone can helpfully think of one.) It's too lacy and glossy for casual wear, and just a little too twee for formal wear, and there's certainly no way I could wear this to work. Not unless we're having a Pajamas to Work Day and then maybe I can pass this off as lingerie.
5) Something about that shade of pink and that texture of fabric does suggest lingerie, doesn't it? Kind of?

Why, then, does it speak to me? I do not understand.

If that neckline were just a little higher, a little more curved, a little more elegant...I think it could be carried off. But if they'd finished this dress off with a lovely boatneck neckline, I'd be too tempted to buy the dress and figure out where/how I could wear it later.

This is one of the reasons why I started blogging, seriously. If I put pictures up and maunder on about them, somehow it removes the temptation to buy.
Update: When love is over, how little of love even the lover understands. Now I look at it, and I'm all, what was I THINKING?! I must have been sleep-deprived.

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