Thursday, May 24, 2012

The odd things that curb my spending, part II

Weird interactions. :)

Today, a friend and I were browsing in the Herve Leger section of a department store, which I won't name, because the service there is generally nice. Besides, it really wasn't awful or anything, it was just...weird. So I just want to write it out so I can forget it.

My friend insisted that the Niyaz dress looked best on me, but I couldn't see it myself. Eventually, she went to go catch a train and I wandered around the store alone. I found the Rae dress, and thought I might like it better, so I took the XS and the S to try on before looking for the Makayla (have a thing for flared skirts, even though that's kind of not the point of bandage dresses). Before I could locate it, a saleslady (L.) found me, took the Raes, and sped-walked me into the dressing room. I'm stupidly passive, so I just followed her and figured I'd get the Makayla later.

Anyway, the Rae in S looked fine, but I still wanted to see the Makayla, and maybe give Niyaz another try--after all, if N. thought that one looked great, who was I to argue? I'm the one who misinterpreted her own body type for years. So I took both Raes out of the fitting room, and realized that the other Raes were, conveniently enough, lined up on a rack pretty close by. So it was easy to return them to the right place. As I meandered around some more, wondering why I suddenly couldn't find the Niyaz again, I ran into L.

L.: "What happened?"
Me: (thinking: she means, did the clothes work out?) "Oh, the dress was nice--I'm just a little pearish for it."
L.: (visibly upset) "No, what did you DO with them?"
Me: "I put them on the rack with the others. It was the right one." (thinking: huh? why so angry? does she think I shoved them in my bag?)
L.: "Umm, don't you know those are Herve Leger? They're the most expensive dresses on this floor."
Me: (seriously confused now) "I...put them on the rack. It was the right rack."
L.: (still looks upset and now walks away without another word)

What'd I do wrong? Maybe she was mad that I put them back myself? But that fitting room didn't have that usual "general" rack for stuff that doesn't work out. Which was why I carried them out in the first place, to see if it was just hiding outside the fitting room, which is when I saw that the Raes were a few steps away anyway. But then where does the "most expensive" dresses bit come in? It almost sounds like she was implying that a lowly plebe like me shouldn't have been trying on such expensive dresses...? But that could be projection.

Anyway, as weird interactions go, it's pretty tame, but I'm still, well, weirded out. So that's what curbed my spending tonight. A sort of, "I like these dresses, someday I do want to buy one of these dresses, but now I really wouldn't want to buy one from you." I'd almost prefer it if she had been out-and-out mean or something, because this brand of confusing-but-somehow-vaguely-insulting weird nags at me more because I can't put my finger on it.

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