Monday, July 30, 2012

Banana Republic T-shirt dress review

XXSP, XSP, and XS. For some reason, only the XS came with a hanger.
Last week, to treat myself after a little victory at work, I ordered this casual navy-striped summer dress at Banana Republic online (also comes in pink). Though there are about half a dozen BR stores in NYC, I bought it online as in-store petite sizes disappear fast. The one time I found a petite dress in my size at BR, it was a return. BR was also having one of its 40% off sales, plus I had a reward certificate I was itching to use, so I ordered the dress in XXSP, XSP, and XS (non-petite).

Sadly, I do not have a good eye for fit/proportion, because I can't decide which one to keep.In fact, I can barely tell the differences between the three.

XXSP - length 34', when measured lying flat, measurements are 14, 13.5, 17. (bust/waist/hip)
  • I think the hips and bust are much too tight for a dress that wants to be slouchy/casually fitting. (Especially glaring is the side view, which skews very much S-shaped.) On the other hand, the waist fits the best out of the three. This waist vs. hip conundrum is something I've come to expect in most dresses. With some dresses, I size up to accommodate my--ahem, generous hips--and get the waist taken in, but a casual dress like this isn't really worth altering.
XSP - length 34', when measured lying flat, measurements are 14.5, 14, 17.25.
  • Since the XXSP is too tight in some areas and the XS is too loose, this should logically be the one I like the best. And yet, I don't know. In person, it just doesn't seem to do anything for me.
XS - length 36', when measured lying flat, measurements are 14.75, 14, 17.5
  • For some reason, in pictures, I like this one the best...but in real life, I like it the least, mostly because the waist bags a lot when I walk. Also, from the side, it looks like I'm wearing a nightgown because it's so shapeless. (Note: the picture makes it look a little shorter than it really is because it pulled up at the waist.)
Basically, I'm not really in love with how any of the three look on me, so it's possible I may end up anticlimactically returning them all. Probably horizontal stripes aren't the best thing for a short, wide-hipped girl anyway, as much as I hate to admit it. Will sleep on it and try them on again.

Incidentally, why is this adorable pique dress $110 online? I could have sworn that the full-price tag read ~$70 when I crooned lovingly over it in stores and the only reason it didn't come home with me was because they didn't have my size. BR is technically running another 25%-off sale, so the price difference wouldn't be that big, and most petite sizes are stocked, but it's the PRINCIPLE OF THE THING.

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