Monday, October 22, 2012

Triple Take: Brown Tote Bag

One retails for $85 (though it's faux leather), another for $288, and the third for $348. Aesthetically, though, they seem to have more similarities than differences, no?

You can't see that well on the last one (which is the Edie Attache by J. Crew), but it, too, has small chains attaching the shoulder strap to the bag. I own it in that pecan color and like it a lot, but it's not as versatile as I thought it would be--it's narrower than it looks & holds less than you might expect. The leather collects scratches, scuffs, and wrinkles like you wouldn't BELIEVE. And though I love how structured it is, it's practically a battering ram. When people run into the bag (which happens fairly often on crowded NYC sidewalks, especially since people would rather look at their phone screens than where they are going), they carom off like they've hit a wall.

Note: That last one is a pro or a con, depending on how misanthropic I'm feeling that day.

But it's hard not to love the clean, simple lines -- they're really lovely in person.

Here's a luxe version of the J.Crew one, in durable saffiano leather.

Monday, October 8, 2012

I vowed I'd never do this.

This is a KIDDIE skirt.

But it totally could fool me. I love swingy flared skirts, and this one is probably short enough to balance out all that volume that naysayers say overwhelm petite girls. I admit I'm not a huge fan of the color, but then again, how many neutral skirts does one woman need? (Whatever that number is, I've way exceeded it. I have a horrifying eleven gray skirts. As in, eleven skirts that are gray. Really should edit that down sometime.)

The link is and currently $51 on their 25% off promo (and free ship!). At the moment, all sizes are available. I may stalk it for a while to see if it goes on deeper discount (and try to imagine myself wearing it with anything besides white/cream).
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