Sunday, November 11, 2012

A little Anthropologie
 I have a weakness for floral summer dresses. A recent wardrobe inventory showed such an embarrassingly disproportionate ratio of flowery summer dresses to non-flowery summer dresses that I can't even 'fess up what it is...especially given that I don't live in California or Hawai'i or anywhere they can come out for more than 3 months a year.

That being said, I would probably not have been too tempted by this particular floral summer dress, because although I love me some retro, this seems to cross the line into Stepford. Something about the muted tones and the pastel blue buttons.

1) It looks so lovely on Happily Ever Anthro. So much prettier than on the mannequin.
2) It's deeply discounted - $39.95 from $158.
3) There's only one size left. 0P. YES. For once, the smallest sizes did not sell out first. This so rarely happens to me that I want to buy it, just to commemorate this momentous occurrence.

None of these are good reasons to buy yet more coals for Newcastle, so I finally left the website without checking out. Apart from anything else, I'm getting really tired of finding layers for sleeveless dresses (and don't get me started on the odd cutouts and "creatively" shaped armholes and other so-called designer details that complicate the bra thing). Maybe I'll make a resolution to only buy dresses with sleeves, and dressing for work will become that much easier.

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