Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lily and Violet, How Do You Run?

I had never heard of Lily and Violet until I saw an ad on Corporette and my eyes widened when I saw their sale section.

Queen of Hearts Dress - $18.60 from $62. Maybe a little cheesy if you're over 20, but I have a soft spot for hearts & waist-nipping illusions.

Tickled Pink Dress - $19.50 from $65. So sweet. I sort of wish that mesh thing wasn't there, but maybe it could be removed by a tailor?

My favorite, of course, isn't on sale. Sigh.

Unfortunately, I decided not to pull the trigger, because most dresses only come in S, M, and L, and there is no sizing chart. Why, oh, why? Yes, those things are so inconsistent they're a total joke, but it still gives one the illusion of control. I tried googling around to see if anyone else had comments on how Lily & Violet sizing runs, but in the end couldn't be bothered. Sigh.
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