Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wardrobe Inventory: Betsey Johnson Cherry Halter Dress

A sort of combined inspiration from Recovering Shopaholic and Fashion Jar inspired me to do a wardrobe inventory. I started out with a spreadsheet (how I love me the Excel filter function) but like how Fashion Jar is a more in-depth exploration of each piece, complete with visual. I thought I'd start with my latest purchase and work backwards from there.

This is an old Betsey Johnson dress (circa 2009, per Zappos). I found it while image-searching for something else, fell in object-lust, and tracked one down on Ebay.

Side note: Thank you, saved search function, I have much love for you as well. Except for the time when ANOTHER cherry-print Betsey Johnson dress, this time in silk, with a sweetheart neckline and cap sleeves, popped up, and it was so adorable I had to bid on it, and then I lost, and now, even though I finally possess the original cherry dress, I don't want to disable the "Betsey Johnson cherry dress" email alert because the silk one might come back - but how many cherry-print dresses does one woman need? 

Side Note 2: The saved-search alert has sent me way too many TERRY versions of this dress. Why does anyone want a dress of terry? So you can wear a towel on the street? So you can wipe down subway seats before you use them? So you don't have to use the incubators-of-super-bacteria aka hand-dryers that they have in public restrooms? I guess I could see it being a cute cover-up at the pool or the beach or maybe, maybe, something you put on right out of the shower, if robes are not to your taste...?

Side Note 3: Suddenly wanting the terry version of the dress, to wear right out of the shower.

Anyway. this is such an adorable confection of a dress. The cherries are embroidered, not printed, and although the combination of baby pink + sweetheart neckline + bow-at-the-neck is probably too sweet for most, my sugar tolerance is infinite. I *really* don't need any more casual summer dresses, especially one so cutesy that no cardigan could make it work-appropriate - unless maybe I button it all the way up so only the skirt shows? But that would be such a waste. It wants to be one of those effortless slip-on-and-go weekend summer dresses to wear with nothing more than sandals and maybe a simple necklace.

This dress just makes me so happy that I can't regret the purchase, all $58-including-shipping of it. It originally retailed for over $310 (For a casual summer dress. $310. For a casual summer dress. $310. I could repeat that in my head for hours and it still wouldn't make sense to me. I am clearly not the 1%.)
Size 2 fits me pretty well. It's just a little snug on me in the bust, which is odd because I never thought of myself as particularly voluptuous in that area - but the back is ruched, and might stretch out over time, so I'm not bothered. The only annoying thing is that the tag says dry-clean only - wonder if it's really necessary (material is 97% cotton, 3% spandex, lining 100% polyester).

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