Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wardrobe Inventory: Jessica Simpson Victorina Platform Sandals

These were $39.99 on sale at DSW (now $29.94). I normally don't go for platforms, especially such honking obnoxious platforms (I always remember Manolo Blahnik comparing walking in platforms to the movement of elephants) or heel heights this exaggerated, or anything associated with Jessica Simpson, but the heart wants what it wants. In this case, it wanted sunny yellow shoes with darling piping detail. I also have a few dresses that are hard to pair shoes with:
1. Very brightly patterned blue dress with a skirt too long and full on me.
2. This sailor-style dress from Pinup Couture that falls mid-calf, but the white piping on the hem is too cute to sacrifice.
3. Purple-flowered Ann Taylor dress, that again - OK, before this turns into a laundry list, I basically have quite a few dresses that are too bold or too long to pair with unassertive shoes. And these shoes can stand up to them.

And I was surprised by how comfortable and walkable these are, too! I wore their orange sisters (ahem, I sort of bought the orange as well because my gentleman caller liked them better, but I liked the yellow better, and CLEARLY the answer was to get both. Right.) while having to make a mad dash for a Megabus, and strangers were very impressed at how fast I could run in them.

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