Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wardrobe Inventory: Aerosoles Tyrolean Boots

Tastes really do change.

These are an old pair of Aerosoles I must have bought at least five years ago, at full price, because I loved the Victorian-inspired look. I wore them into the ground while they were still in stores (and at the time, I hadn't yet found my magical cobblers) and immediately bought a backup pair. At one point the clearance price dropped to $40, and I seriously considered getting a third pair, because I loved the look of these and was convinced that I would love and wear them forever.

Then one spring I put them away and forgot about them for a couple of years. I finally pulled them out yesterday, put them on, and went happily off to work.

And realized that I don't love them anymore.

I kept looking down at them and thinking how wide and round the toes are. At the time, I thought the rounded look was cute, but now I keep thinking "childish" and "clunky". (To be fair, it probably contributes to why these are so comfortable for walking even long distances. I've walked miles and miles in these.) The ultimate test, though - I HAVE magical cobblers who could resole and polish these into good-as-new quality once they wear out. But now I have doubts that they'll be worth the cost of repairs, given how little I want to wear them again.

It will, in the future, make me think twice about buying duplicates.

In my dreams, my next pair of Victorian-inspired shoes will be these:

Come on, Ebay, do your stuff!

Maybe these will stand the test of time better? 

But one pair at a time. By the time they're worn out past the point of no repair (if that does exist for my magical cobblers; I'm not sure that it does) there might be another pair I like even better.

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